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ERW Pipe Manufacturer in India

ERW Pipe Manufacturer in India
Welded Pipe Manufacturer in India

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What is a Welded Steel pipe?

A welded steel pipes is produced by cold forming strips, sheets, or plates into a circular shape using a plate bending machine. The welded pipes can be welded with or without requiring a filler material utilizing a high energy resource. The presence of welds in these pipes ensures that they are recommended for low pressure and temperature conditions. The welded steel pipe manufacturers can supply pipes in larger sizes without any size restrictions. These pipes have a smooth surface quality and have a short procurement process.

Welded Steel Pipe Supplier in Mumbai

Monel 400 Pipe

Monel 400 Pipe

Rising Steel Industries is largest supplier of Monel K500 Pipes in India

Inconel 600 Pipe

Inconel 600 Pipe

We have a huge inventory of Inconel 601 and 625 Pipes

Hastelloy C22 Tube

Hastelloy C22 Tube

Check latest Price list of Hastelloy C276 and Alloy B2 Pipes

  • Advantages of
    Welded steel pipes
  • Disadvantages of
    Welded steel pipes
Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Welded steel pipes can be produced in large sizes without having size restrictions.
  • The Spiral Welded Pipes are very economic and can be manufactured in continuous lengths, having a short procurement time.
  • All Longitudinally welded steel pipes have a consistent wall thickness in comparison to standard seamless ones.
  • The internal surface of welded steel pipes can be checked before initiating the manufacturing process.
  • An LSAW Steel Pipes has superior production efficiency and can be customized in different sizes to meet all customer requirements.
Carbon Steel Pipe
  • A welded steel pipes is designed with seams that make them less aesthetically appealing.
  • A welded large diameter steel pipes is recommended for use in lower pressure and temperature applications.
  • The welds on the pipes make them prone to attack from corrosive affluents.
  • A welded pipe has poor ovality and must be tested before it is made fit for use.

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What is a HIC tested steel Pipe?

A HIC tested steel pipes is a high-strength grade that is designed specifically to handle hydrogen stress cracking or static fatigue. The yield strength of these pipes ensures that they don’t fracture under any stress or pressure. Rising Steel Industries is hic tested steel pipe suppliers in Mumbai who supply pipes that are properly tested to see the long-term effects of hydrogen induced cracking as per NACE.

What is a HIC tested steel Pipe?
HIC tested and EPOXY Coated Steel Pipes at Best price in Mumbai

Difference between ERW & EFW Pipe

The EFW Pipes follow an electron beam welding using a high-speed movement of electron beam that directs impact kinetic energy. This energy converts heat in the workpiece, and it melts to form a strong weld joint. This method is generally utilized in welding steel of dissimilar sizes. The pipes, however, require a special welding room to put them in place.

An ERW pipe manufacturer in India produces pipes by applying pressure through electrodes using a pressure filler welding method, which makes it different from the SSAW Steel Pipe. The erw pipes have good toughness and excellent dynamic load strength. These pipes have no weld deformation, and the ERW pipe price list in India depends on which areas they are used. This method is commonly seen in spot welding, seam welding, and butt three applications.

ERW Pipes


Welded Pipes
Which testings are performed for seamless steel pipe?

Which testings are performed for seamless steel pipe?

Testing a seamless pipes is very essential before they are out in the field to handle high-pressure and temperature media across harsh conditions. The seamless pipes are thereby subjected to ultrasonic tests, eddy current tests, magnetic flux leakages tests, geometrical dimension inspections non-destructive tests, mechanical performance and performance tests amongst others.

Impact of GST Rates on ERW pipe manufacturers in India

Rising Steel Industries is One of the key impacts of GST has been that it has reduced tax on key inputs needed to manufacture ERW pipes. The total cost of the final product has indirectly reduced and lowered the cost of logistics and transportation services.

What means schedule in pipe?
Check Schedule 40 Pipe and SCH 10 Steel Tubes Price List 2022

What means schedule in pipe?

A schedule of a pipes is the wall thickness on the wall of the pipe. As there is an increase in the pipe schedule number the thickness of the pipe subsequently increases. The Schedule 40 Pipe is a common schedule that is used across different industries to transport liquid, gas, slurry, mixed-phased products, etc. To handle these pressures, the pipes must be build possessing the correct schedules. The SCH 10 Steel Tubes are designed to handle low pressure and temperature applications in the industry.

Export Duty on Steel Pipes in India

Steel pipes designed in India are exported mainly to the USA, UAE, Italy, Belgium, and a few other countries. The export duty on EPOXY Coated Steel Pipes and other steel pipes is levied by the government as it is exported from India to these countries. There are different HS codes that help in identifying the total export duty.

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